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About Us

Hi, my name is Alex. I love climbing and I run Moelwyn Mountaineering


I’m passionate about people and I think rock climbing is a great way to build strong relationships and connections with others. I’ve climbed with loads of different people from all over the world and it’s always a privilege to share amazing outdoor experiences and one I never take for granted. 


I set up Moelwyn Mountaineering to pursue my vision of what climbing instruction could look like, that is; friendly, realistic and individualised. I run most of the courses myself and when they aren't run by me, they are facilitated by my friends and climbing partners, all of whom are incredible experienced instructors.

Light-hearted and Fun -


It’s a bit of a cliché phrase, but “climbing is supposed to be fun” is something that rings true for my approach to teaching on courses. I like to keep courses light-hearted and fun and I always have the core aim of building confident and happy climbers.


Individualised - 


Part of keeping it fun is finding the right level for teaching. If the content isn’t engaging enough people switch off, if its too engaging (scary, stressful, too much information etc…) then people get overloaded. I pride myself on listening carefully to the needs of the individual and building a course around what will be best for them.

Pragmatic - 

I’ve climbed all over the world, from sea cliff first ascents, to 4000m+ Alpine peaks and bigwalls like El Cap. All the courses I run are realistic and pragmatic, based on real world climbing experience. I teach you how to climb like I do when I go out climbing personally.

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