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Prices and Booking

Alex at Moelwyn Mountaineering provides a bespoke guiding service which is based in North Wales offering personalised, high quality and memorable experiences for all levels of adventurer. Whether you are a first-time hiker or seasoned climber, you can trust Moelwyn Mountaineering to give you the very best mountain or rock experience.


Rock Climbing 

Our private rock climbing guiding and instruction rates starts at £150 for a half day and £250 for a full day and includes use of all equipment (excluding rock shoes and chalk). For more complicated objectives or longer days this rate may increase.

Half Day - £150+

Full Day - £250+

Hill Walking and Scrambling

For hillwalking and scrambling, including roped scrambling our day rate starts at £250. Again for more complicated and longer objectives there might be an increased cost.

Full day 250+

If you are interested in discussing an objective or learning goal, get in touch to chat about options. To help us know what you are looking for please include;

Your preferred dates.

What you would like to do.

Your experience and fitness level.

Any other relevant information.



Thanks! Message sent.

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