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Instructor Mentoring


What can we offer?

In person skills assessment and goal setting.

Email and phone support.

Shadowing opportunities.

Session observation.

Which qualifications do we mentor people towards?

Lowland Leader

Hill and Moorland Leader

Mountain Leader

Climbing Wall Instructor

Climbing Wall Development Instructor

Rock Climbing Instructor

Rock Climbing Development Instructor

What does it cost?

£200: Assessment day and in person development days (can be split between two mentees).

£160: Session observation (a member of Moelwyn Mountaineering observes your session, verbal and written feedback will be given)

Free: Phone and email support until assessment.

Free: Shadowing Moelwyn Mountaineering sessions (when appropriate).

How can I start being mentored?

Fill out a contact form and Alex will get in touch to discuss what would best suit your needs. An initial skills assessment session usually takes place, at the end of which a detailed action plan will be discussed and written up. After this you will have access to email and phone support until you have completed your chosen assessment. 

one person having rock climbing lessons from one of the snowdon mountain guides

Working towards instructor and leadership qualifications can be an intimidating experience, especially if you don't have the opportunity to take in part something like a outdoor centre trainee scheme. We are therefore proud to be able to offer an instructor mentoring service, the purpose of which is to offer support, advice and guidance for those working towards rock climbing, walking and mountaineering qualifications.

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