Rock Climbing Kickstarter September 2021

  • 13th of September - 24th September

    This two week intensive course is designed to take you from complete beginner to competant lead climber. No prior experience is needed, although you will get more from the course if you have already started climbing. To undertake this course it is essential that you are enthusiastic, motivated and that you have a good basic level of fitness and are willing to spend long period of time outside (possibly in the rain, but hopefully not!).


    Example course outline:


    Week 1

    Day 1 - Meet and greet course induction. Indoor climbing session.

    Day 2-3 Indoor learn to lead Course

    Day 4-5 Introduction to outdoor climbing 

    Weekend break


    Week 2

    Day 1-2 Sport climbing learn to lead

    3-5 Trad climbing learn to lead

    Weekend Break


    Optional Week 3

    Day 1 Improvised rescue day

    Day 2-4 Skills consolidation (climbing!)

    Day 5 Individual reviews and action planning



    Terms and Conditions