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Learn to Sport Climb


An exciting two day course to develop the skills to lead bolted sport climbs. Over the course we will look at route selection, ropework, lowering, movement skills and a whole host of other elements with an aim towards leading independently with confidence. If you are a keen to learn some new skills with our psyched instructors, this is the course for you!


 Max ratio 1:2 

(price per person)


On our learning to lead courses we will look at the fundamental skills needed to be an independent lead sport climber, including;


Appropriate knots

Route choice and reading

Effective belaying

Rethreading and lowering off

Climbing movement  

Climbing ethics  


This is not an exhaustive list, there are loads of extra techniques, tricks and tips our instructors will be showing you on your course that will help build your confidence and toolbox of skills. 


Terms and Conditions

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